What do we do?

Custom Bot Development

We have a team of developers dedicated to improving the user experience on Discord.
Sledgehammer instantly bans all attacker accounts from the entire ecosystem as soon as they are detected (shared blacklists).
J.A.R.V.I.S. is our General Purpose bot that includes a plethora of different useful features to users, moderators and administrators alike.
We've made it our mission to make Discord the best place to be and feel at home, for your users and your Staff as well (easy & automated management).

Custom Commands
Custom Commands

Exclusive commands for your staff to help with running campaigns, managing users, collecting wallet addresses privately, keeping chat channels clean, etc.


Create achievements, mini-games, etc. inside your community to boost user engagement

On-chain & Big Data
On-Chain & Big Data

We can help you gather on-chain data and bring it inside Discord, or gather Discord big-data and collect it wherever you need.

Sky is the limit
Sky is the limit

As Buidlers and Developers ourselves, we can make (almost) anything happen, tell us your goals and we'll help you reach them!

This are just examples on what you can get from our developers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does any of this cost?

Each specific need has to be discussed and a time & cost estimations need to be made over a couple of calls.

What rights do I get from comissioning a project or feature from you?

We prefer to keep the new features we develop open to most of our clients, but we understand the "investment rules", so if you wish to have the features be exclusive or want to re-sell what we make, that is open to discussion.