Tree Leveling-Up System

Supported by Gaius Play Premium bot

“Gamification is increasingly used as an essential part of today’s services, software and systems to engage and motivate users, as well as to spark further behaviors. A core assumption is that gamification should be able to increase the ability of a system or a service to satisfy intrinsic needs, and thereby the autotelic use as well as consequent change in beneficial behaviours.”

Reward System

It allows the users to be rewarded by being active in your text and voice channels.The reward in question consists of roles that they can earn over time.

Gamification 🎲

It is a complex, yet fun and easy way for users to choose the roles they want to win. For instance, when they get to a certain level, they may choose among a variety of roles and according to their decision get different paths.


Make It Your Own

You can create your Tree with your own roles and reward options.

Simple, Transparent Pricing.




one-time fee

Get started

  • Configure Roles (up to 250)
  • Determine the points system equation
  • +10 other customizations
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  • Bot updates
  • Assistance on future changes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the maintenance service needed?

No, this bot is self-sustained (has a running cost, however). Nevertheless, the maintenance service guarantees that the bot configurations are always optimal and updated.

What kind of assistance I can get from the Bot maintenance service?

This price includes assistance on future changes in the tree levelling system (i.e., add new levels, change parameters, etc.), within reason (a complete overhaul would incur the full configuration price).