Why do I need a moderator for my community?

"Discord is a special place because of all the amazing communities where people find those with similar interests, form friendships, and create belonging. These communities are built and cared for by moderators, who make sure these servers grow and flourish while making sure the community held within is healthy and safe." - Discord

Do not forget, moderators are your first go-to when encountering an issue or need to clarify some doubts or questions.

We are here for you!

At Momentum One we source the best of the best moderators to help your community grow in a healthy way.


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  • 1 Moderator
  • Cover the time zone you need (if available)
  • Discord Certified Moderator (+$100)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the moderator(s) run marketing campaigns?

No, the moderator supports the community and help keep it safe and healthy. They are the first point of contact in case of incidents with your platform/dApp.

Does the moderator offer a trial period?

Our moderators are highly recognised among our peers, so we don't offer trial periods. However, the client is free to have a call for a short interview and ask questions before deciding to hire.