What is included in our Professional setup

Check out our set of awesome features and tools. We are industry leaders in providing quality tools, trusted and used by most (and the biggest) communities on several ecosystems. We kind'of rock!

Initial Server Setup

Categories, Channels, Permissions, Bots, Emojis, etc.

Staff Area

Split areas for Founders, Staff, Moderators and the Community.

Anti-bot System

Our very own Sledgehammer bot keeps chat bots (fake users) at bay!

Roles & Permissions

Configuration of Roles, Role Categories and Inherited Permissions (easier to manage in the long run).

FAQ Channel

Dedicated FAQ channel with gorgeous and functional examples or real content provided by the client.

User-managed Meetup Channels

User-made temporary voice channels for community meetups (with no staff intervention needed).

Community Mode

Server Insights (statistical data), possible Discord partnership down the line, and much more.


Logging of Bans, Server Changes, Erased/Edited Messages, Roles, Channels, etc.;

Ticketing System

Privacy-centric communication channels for Partnership Inquiries, Support Requests, HR, etc.;

Real-Time Statistics

Let everyone know how many people have joined so far, how many OG's and Server Boosters there are, etc.;


Pack of several dozen emojis from the Terra ecosystem and popular cryptocurrencies (by MCap).

Automatic Tweets

A dedicated Twitter channel that looks just like the real deal (no Mee6 branding).

Auto-Moderation Rules

Keep spam and scammy users out of your servers with our advanced rules (your moderators will love you for this).

Informational Channels
Informational Channels

Important/Official Links, Rules, Roles & Channels (explainers), Community Suggestions & more. Easily updated by anyone from the Staff (not tied to one user).

& More... (as needed)

Automatic NFT Hodler roles, Invite Logging, User Leveling, Shared Community Blacklists, User-Managed notifications, Event Management, let us know what you need!

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Simple pricing to fit your needs.




one-time fee

  • Exclusive to new Discord servers we create ourselves
  • B2B Support for 1 week after server delivery
  • Time delivery: 4-8 business days
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Pro +



one-time fee

  • For already existing servers
  • Full Server auditing & fixing
  • B2B Support for 2 weeks after server delivery
  • Time delivery: 5-8 business days
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B2B Support



per month

  • Outsource your Discord management
  • All Premium bot subscriptions under one provider
  • First to receive exclusive new bot features
  • Optional SLA: to be discussed
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one-time fee

  • Pro or Pro+
  • Time delivery: 1-4 business days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have monthly costs afterwards?

The on-going B2B Support service is optional. We can teach you how to be independent from us (provided you have time for it).

For how long can I ask for assistance (trial period)?

After the setup is finished, an optional workshop session is provided free of charge. After that we provide a trial period of 2 months where certain questions can be asked and we provide suggestions based on our extensive experience.

What is the difference between the trial period and B2B Support?

For the B2B Support you're outsourcing your Discord management to our experts, and can ask for any change or feature (within our and Discord's limits, of course) to be done by ourselves. For the trial period, you're limited to asking for advise, but you take care of the implementations in-house (unless it's something super simple we can do in under a few minutes).

What about marketing campaigns, such as giveaways, competitions, etc.?

While we do not provide such services, we can advise on how to best run them (that feels natural to the users and not forced (such as chat XP farming)). We can also suggest the services of some industry experts whom we've worked with before.